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Values and principles
  • Ethics, credibility, and transparency;
  • Integrity, creativity, and excellence;
  • A humanistic vision;
  • Commitment to society;
  • Professionalism and the recognition of human resources that stimulate and support continuous improvement of teachers and collaborators;
  • Promotion of the University, knowledge, and interdisciplinary training;
  • Humility, initiative, and the ability to search for innovative solutions and exceed expectations;
  • Recognition of the student’s potentialities;
  • Recognition of initiative, creativity, and entrepreneurialism, with a respect for plurality;
  • Cultivation of collective effort and integration of diversity as the cornerstones of the institution’s goals;
  • Appreciation and spread of research leading to socially important knowledge;
  • Tireless pursuit of scholarly, technological, and cultural innovation;
  • Constant improvement in educational processes;
  • Promotion of the academic-community spirit that every individual is responsible for the quality and sustainability of the institution’s activities;
  • Zeal for the University’s image and culture among every member of the school.