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Why choose Lusiada?
  • Because of the quality learning delivered by its experienced and highly qualified professors;
  • Because of its prestigious reputation in the academic and business communities;
  • Because its professors teach what they practice and practice what they teach;
  • Because our students’ development of human qualities is paramount and in line with the four UNESCO pillars of “New Education”:
    • Learning to be (personal development);
    • Learning to live together (social development);
    • Learning to do (productive skills);
    • Learning to know (cognitive skills).
  • Because we deliver the skills demanded in the workplace:
    • Entrepreneurial profile;
    • Initiative;
    • Leadership;
    • Self-confidence;
    • Self-awareness;
    • Perseverance;
    • Change-management skills;
    • Interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Because we promote sports as a fundamental element of education;
  • Because of our presence in Portugal and Africa, opening the doors to professional opportunities in those two markets;
  • Because we promote student involvement in social and community service activities;
  • Because we encourage our students to participate in programs of international mobility and exchange at leading European universities;
  • Because of the academic spirit that abounds at Lusiada.