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Degrees 2013 / 2014

1st cycle – Undergraduate degrees

The first undergraduate degrees back to the year of 1986, and the University currently have 23 courses.



1st cycle – Undergraduate degrees (DDP)

The ULL offers 11 Double Degree Programs (DDP), allowing its students to enrich their curriculum and create new opportunities in the labor market.


2nd cycle – Master degrees

The first masters degrees back to the year of 1992, there currently have 18 courses.


3rd cycle - PhDs and doctoral training

The first PhDs back to the year of 1996, the University currently have 8 courses.



Postgraduate programes

The first postgraduate programes back to the year of 1989.


Specialisation courses

All years are designed specialization courses that aim to meet the needs of the labor market.


Short term courses

The short term courses aimed at meeting the training needs of various professionals.


Preparation courses

University preparation courses projects annually, taking into account the competition provided by the competent institutions.


Technological specialisation courses

The ULL offers a technological specialization course.


APEX courses

The Alliance for the Promotion of Excellence in Public Administration (APEX) aims to train senior Public Administration.

Admissions 2013/2014