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The Center for MTB and the Nature of Sports Lusiada University

The Center for MTB and the Nature of Sports University Lusíadatem essentially a purpose of socializing and leisure, is designed for teachers, students, staff and alumni of the University Lusiada and their families and friends who have in common a taste for healthy activities in nature .

Its objectives are to:

  • Secure a place for social interaction and exchange of experiences to all interested parties without any charge or restriction;
  • Create conditions for everyone to live these sports;
  • Stimulate healthy conviviality, camaraderie and protection of the environment;
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among practitioners and interested in outdoor activities;
  • Collaborate with similar projects in favor of the practice and the development of active tourism in nature;
  • Use of sport in nature to promote social integration, autonomy and enhancing citizenship, especially for populations with different types of constraints;
  • Promote and disseminate the study of issues related to sport and nature, through scientific events, including conferences, seminars, symposia, free courses, etc.., Devoted to these matters.

The Center organizes regular tours and activities open to all interested parties and also participates in activities organized by other entities, from north to south of the couns.

The inscription at the Center is free and open to all interested parties.