The Lusiada Universities seek to imbue young men and women with a strong sense of citizenship, ethics, and social, cultural, and professional values, by means of teaching and research leading toward the sustainable development of society. We prepare our students as people, citizens, and professionals ready to join the workforce and society, balancing humanistic, critical, and reflexive education that always seeks to place knowledge at the service of Man and the building of a better world, based on mutual respect and justice.

We strive for every one of our students to realize her/his maximum potential, despite life’s uncertainties and growing competiveness. We promote an open and cosmopolitan environment in which all of our students can contribute, learn, and grow. We wish for all individuals to be respected, treated fairly, and engaged. Above all, we want to construct an atmosphere that nurtures achievement and friendship. We remain true to our heritage, and seek to close the gap between principles and practice.

We wish to be a leader among European universities and those in the Portuguese-speaking world, and that this will be recognized in our teaching excellence, scholarly production, and quality of services.

Rigor in our production of knowledge, our promise to society, and our quality of teaching are the pillars of the educational proposal of the Lusiada Universities.

In short, our mission is to make leaders.