The International Seminar "NATO: New Challenges & New Solutions" wants to highlight the importance of NATO in times of uncertainty and thus to pass the message that NATO is an indispensable Alliance regarding the threats and challenges in current days. The Seminar will have two panels:

  • one (NATO@70) dedicated to the background and reasoning in the establishment of the treaty - Organization and also how NATO has contributed to the international peace and security;
  • the second panel (NATO today) will analyze the deterrence, the crisis management and peace keeping within the emergence of new security challenges: cyberdefence and hybrid wars.

Program | October 10th 2019 | Auditorium 1 - Universidade Lusíada

Opening ceremony:

  • Prof. Doutor José Francisco Lynce Zagalo Pavia
    Coordinator of Lusíada Research Centre for International Policy and Security
    Universidade Lusíada
  • Dr. Davide Avison Afonso
    Young Euro-Atlantic Council
    Universidade Lusíada

Panel 1: NATO@70.

The background and reasoning in the establishment of the Treaty - Organization • How NATO has contributed to • International peace & security.

  • Dr. Jose Maria Lopez-Navarro
    Information Officer
    Public Diplomacy Division
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Prof. Doutor José Francisco Lynce Zagalo Pavia
    Coordinator of Lusíada Research Centre for International Policy and Security
    Universidades Lusíada
  • Prof. Doutor Manuel Fernando da Silva Monteiro
    Coordinator of International Relations study cycles
    Universidade Lusíada - Norte (Porto)
  • Prof. Doutor Alexander Moens
    Professor of Political Science
    Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)
11H00 Coffee break
11H30 Panel 2: NATO today.

The detterance, defence crisis management & peace keeping • The emergency of new security challenges: cyberdefence & hybrid wars.

  • Prof.ª Doutora Maria Francisca Alves Ramos de Gil Saraiva
    Professor at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas da Universidade de Lisboa
    Researcher at Instituto da Defesa Nacional
  • Prof. Doutor Luís Eduardo Marquês Saraiva
    Professor and Coordinator of Security Policies MA in Universidade Lusíada
    Professor at IUM - Instituto Universitário Militar
12H30 Conclusions.


Second panel: Maritime Security

  • Capitão-Tenente João Carlos Lourenço da Piedade
    Centre of Development and Investigation
    University Military Institute
  • Major Pedro Alexandre Bretes Ferro Amador
    University Military Institute
  • Prof. Doutor James Bergeron
    Chief Political Advisor
    Allied Maritime Command in Northwood
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • Dr. Davide Avison Afonso
    Mestrando em Segurança e Justiça
    Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais
    Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa)
Simulations | October 10th (14H00 - 17H30) and 11th (09H30 - 13H00) 2019 | Council Room - UL
  1. Hybrid Warfare

    90 participants in one room receive the information:
    a. they will be split into 10 groups.
    b. through the simulation the information of the strategies will be followed up and in reaction to the specific responses of the groups.
    c. the groups will be coached by our international leaders.
    d. the simulation will be coordinated by Professor José Pavia & Dr. Davide Afonso.
    e. the objective is to test the diplomatic skills.
    f. also to convey the real time stress on the process of decision making and the execution of policies which can lead to escalation.

  2. North Atlantic Council

    The participants will be given the task:
    a. of trying to then debate and put forward the ideas created in the Hybrid Warfare simulation into;
    b. the NAC within the framework of sovereign states acting as one.